Gary Cubeta’s 57Gold has been a fixture in Scottsdale since 2006. We started years ago with a desire to offer our clients a superior platform to purchase Gold and Silver.

We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

Not only have we dominated the precious metals market in Arizona for the past 15 years, but nationwide as well. With clients currently in 49 states (we have still never had a client from the Great State of Alaska-not sure why, but maybe someday) we continue to provide our clients the ultimate in price and service.

Our mission is simple. Supply our clients with 100% authentic precious metals. With so much Chinese imitation Bullion flooding the American markets, we refuse to sell product that is not 100% real.

So no, you won’t find any of that Chinese Bullion with us.

Give us a call. Find out what an old school precious metals firm can do for you verses the quick buck artists of today. We know we are better for you.