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57 Gold is the legendary force in Scottsdale when it comes to precious metals. 15 glorious years and counting and still striving to bring you the best experience possible in Gold and Silver nationwide. True, you can take your chances up on Ebay with Gold and Silver that might be real or might be Chinese imitation, but you are only gambling your families future finances.

Imagine Gold going to $25,000 an ounce in a true financial meltdown (highly likely the way things are going in America) and then finding out the Gold and Silver you bought from a shady source (Ebay, pawn shop or a newbie in the business) isn’t real.

You don’t want fake metal from China … You want authentic metals … Gold and Silver that can be authenticated with a single glance … That only Gary has been providing to clients in Scottsdale (and nationwide) for the past 15 years.

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